Saturday, September 20, 2008

useradd command

Useradd command Example.

useradd –u User ID -g Primary Group ID -d User Home Folder -m –s shell -c “ Description of the user “ username

Eg :

Username = arun
User ID = 214
Group ID = 300
Home Folder = /export/home/arun
Shell = /bin/ksh
Description = Database Administrator

To create the user account for “arun” with above data, Execute the below command after login as root user.

#useradd -u 214 –g 300 –d /export/home/arun –m –s /bin/ksh –c “Database Administrator” arun

Type the below command to change the password for arun

#Passwd arun

Note : “-m “ is used to create the home folder , if it is not existing .

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