Friday, February 20, 2009

Discovering and configuring newly added disk Devices in Veritas

You can also use the vxdiskscandisks command to scan devices in the operating system device tree, and to initiate dynamic reconfiguration of multipathed disks.
If you want VxVM to scan only for new devices that have been added to the
system, and for devices that have been enabled or disabled, specify the -f option
to either of the commands, as shown here:

# vxdctl -f enable# vxdisk -f scandisks

However, a complete scan is initiated if the system configuration has been
modified by changes to:
■ Installed array support libraries.
■ The devices that are listed as being excluded from use by VxVM.
■ DISKS (JBOD), SCSI3, or foreign device definitions.

The next example discovers fabric devices (that is, devices with the characteristic DDI_NT_FABRIC property set on them):

# vxdisk scandisks fabric

The following command scans for the devices c1t1d0 and c2t2d0: # vxdisk scandisks device=c1t1d0,c2t2d0
Alternatively, you can specify a ! prefix character to indicate that you want to scan for all devices except those that are listed:

# vxdisk scandisks !device=c1t1d0,c2t2d0

You can also scan for devices that are connected (or not connected) to a list of logical or physical controllers. For example, this command discovers and configures all devices except those that are connected to the specified logical controllers:

# vxdisk scandisks !ctlr=c1,c2

The next command discovers devices that are connected to the specified physical controller:

# vxdisk scandisks pctlr=/pci@1f,4000/scsi@3/

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