Friday, February 13, 2009

Solaris QuickSheet - OBP


Compatibility note: This document is based upon Sparc Solaris 10

 All the following commands are to be run from the OBP and not the OS. They are only valid on Sparc hardware that uses the openboot rmware. The eeprom command can be used from the OS to view or set openboot rmware variables.

1.) Show the value of the auto-boot? variable

printenv auto-boot?

2.) Set the system to not auto boot

setenv auto-boot? false

3.)Restore the system default for auto boot

set-default auto-boot?

4.)Show the default boot device

printenv boot-device

5.)List the actual device path for the disk device alias

devalias disk

6.)List all openboot variables, current, and default values


7.)Show devices seen by openboot


8.)Show help on all OBP commands


9.)Boot the system into single user mode from the CD ROM

boot cdrom -s

10.)Boot the system into single user mode using the default device

boot -s

11.)Reset the system


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